Here are some frequently asked questions surrounding  finding a doula, getting in touch with the executive committee of our society, and becoming a member of Doulas of Singapore. 

Is Doulas of Singapore an official organisation?

Yes. Doulas of Singapore is registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. Our UEN is T16SS0070K. The society is a non-profit-making organisation and is run on a voluntary basis by an Executive Committee
​which is elected annually.

Is Doulas of Singapore a doula agency?

No. Doulas of Singapore was set up to unite independent doulas in Singapore, some of whom also work for agencies. All doulas must have their own business registered with ACRA and are responsible for setting out a contract of engagement with their clients. They are also responsible for their own administration needs.

How does Doulas of Singapore connect with hospitals and care givers?
Our executive committee is dedicated to maintaining close professional relationships with Singapore's labour & delivery wards, obstetricians, and other birth professionals. We aim to meet regularly to keep up-to-date with hospital procedures, and we offer mediation should there be any issues with registered members.

What's the difference between doulas and midwives? 
A doula offers professional birth support in a hospital setting and at home. She is not a nurse or midwife, and does not perform any clinical tasks such as checking baby's heart beat or doing internal examinations to assess labour progress. Nurse-midwives work for the hospital and are responsible for several women at one time, whereas a doula will be employed by you and solely dedicated support you and your partner.

​I am new to Singapore and certified as a doula. How do I join Doulas of Singapore?
If you are a certified doula, inquiries can be made by emailing info@doulasofsingapore.com. We will then forward a copy of our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Once you have agreed to these, you will meet with members of our executive committee for an interview. We will also inform you of the registration procedures and standard practices of hospitals in Singapore.

I am looking for a doula to support me at my upcoming birth. How do I go about it?

It is always suggested to meet more than one doula. For a full list of doulas registered with Doulas of Singapore, please visit our directory of registered members. For more information on choosing a doula, please click here.

What qualifications can I expect from my doula?

Doulas registered with Doulas of Singapore are all certified (or in the process of certifying) with internationally renowned institutions like Childbirth International or DONA. Individual doulas may also hold qualifications in hypnobirthing, childbirth education, pre/postnatal yoga, pre/postnatal massage and other qualifications to support pregnancy, birth, and beyond.​

Can Doulas of Singapore offer continuous professional development?

Doulas of Singapore offer the opportunity for reflective practice in a confidential group setting. Workshops can be facilitated either by members of our society or outsourced to other birth professionals. It is the responsibility of the individual doula to keep up-to-date with new developments and research within the birthing field.

Do I need to register at the hospitals?

The registration process for doulas in Singapore hospitals varies, even more so for trainee doulas. Doulas of Singapore can help you understand which steps are required in order to gain access to labour & delivery wards. 

Can Doulas of Singapore find me clients?

Doulas of Singapore do not find clients for members, however, there are occasions where a client might approach us and they will be directed to our "Find a doula" section.