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The role of a doula



Doulas registered with Doulas of Singapore (DoS) are professional birth workers certified with internationally renowned institutions.

Doulas are birth professionals who provide continuous emotional and physical support to a labouring woman and her partner, at home as well as at the hospital.

They work with a couple prenatally to identify their individual goals, needs and expectations in order to help them achieve the birth experience they desire. They may also offer various levels of support immediately after and the days following birth.

DoS doulas adhere to our society's philosophy and abide by our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Download full document here.

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  • Communicate with hospitals and caregivers to keep up-to-date with their standards and procedures and make this information available to our members. 
  • Establish a network for doulas that allows for communication, support, and social interaction. 
  • ​Provide mentorship and continued professional development to all registered doulas.
  • Offer a registry of doulas which allows expectant couples to find a doula to support them before, at and after birth.
  • Increase awareness of doulas within the public as well as the medical professionals in Singapore.


The society was founded to encourage dialogue and a good working relationship between doulas and the medical profession.

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Doulas of Singapore is a registered society (UEN T16SS0070K) run by doulas on a voluntary basis and is a non-profit- making organisation. 

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